Published Date

The Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) has posted on its website the Compliance Program Review Module. The Module includes regulatory information pertaining to Part 521, questions for providers to address when engaged in an OMIG Compliance Program Review, and details regarding documentation providers should submit to demonstrate an effective compliance program.

OMIG has also posted a webinar, Compliance Program Requirements 2023, which provides an overview of Part 521 and additional compliance-related resources available to the provider community.

Additional information is available in the Compliance Library on OMIG’s website.

The Module and webinar are intended to assist providers in understanding and implementing statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as to communicate how OMIG approaches compliance program reviews. Please note, the Module and webinar are not a substitute for those provisions. In the event of a conflict between statements in the Module and/or webinar and either statutory or regulatory requirements, the requirements of the statutes and regulations govern.