OMIG Announces Updates to the Self-Disclosure Program

Published Date

In response to feedback from Medicaid stakeholders, OMIG’s Self-Disclosure Program has been revised to include two pathways for entities to report, return and explain overpaid Medicaid funds. In addition to the existing Full Self-Disclosure Process, OMIG has developed an Abbreviated Self-Disclosure Process that Medicaid entities may utilize to report and explain overpayments that are considered routine or transactional errors in nature or meet other defined characteristics and have already been voided or adjusted. Additional information about the abbreviated process can be found here: Self-Disclosure Program Requirements Guidance Document.

OMIG anticipates the first full month of reports to be in September and the first monthly reporting to be October 5.

More information regarding OMIG’s Self-Disclosure Program is available at: Self-Disclosure | Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (