Home Health Provider Verification Organizations (VO)


As enacted with the passing of the 2024 New York State budget, effective January 1, 2024, the requirement for certain certified home health agencies, long term home health agencies, or personal care providers exceeding $15 million in Medicaid fee-for-service and/or Medicaid managed care reimbursements to utilize a Verification Organization (VO) for pre-claim review is no longer a New York State requirement.

Further, the VO program is in the process of being phased out, as New York State continues to implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), per the addition of 363-f of the Social Services Law. 

As part of this transition, OMIG is no longer accepting applications for the VO program. In addition, enrollment applications for the VO program will no longer be processed through eMedNY. 

Participating providers who have obtained a VO are no longer required to utilize an OMIG-approved VO. Participating providers should direct any questions regarding their contractual agreements to their VO.

Please note, during this transition period, participating providers who meet the VO requirement are required to utilize a VO provider for services rendered through December 31, 2023. Upon conclusion of the VO program, participating providers and VO entities are required to abide by all applicable NYS Medicaid Program rules and regulations regarding retention of records. 

OMIG's website will be updated with communications and FAQ’s as additional information is available.

Questions specific to OMIG’s VO program can be directed to [email protected].  

For questions regarding the New York State Department of Health’s EVV program or those that pertain to a VO’s role in the EVV program, please contact [email protected].