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General Compliance
Compliance-Related Laws and Regulations

Social Services Law (SOS) § 363-d and 18 NYCRR Part 521 governs New York State Medicaid compliance program requirements.

The current version of SOS § 363-d can be found by selecting the link for "Laws of New York" followed by SOS Social Services at:

The current version of 18 NYCRR Part 521 can be found at:

New York State Laws and Regulations

Social Services Law § 145
Social Services Law § 145-b
Social Services Law § 145-c
Social Services Law § 363-d
Social Services Law § 366-b
Labor Law § 740
Labor Law § 741
State Finance Law §§ 187-194
Penal Law Article 175
Penal Law Article 176
Penal Law Article 177
18 NYCRR Part 521

Federal Statutes and Regulations   

42 USC § 1396a(a)(68)  
31 USC §§ 3729-3733
31 USC Ch. 38

Federal FAQs related to the DRA Requirement

Additional Compliance Information and Resources