Compliance Certification


Medicaid providers who are required to have a compliance program must complete the SSL Certification. The SSL Certification requires Medicaid providers to certify that their compliance program has been adopted, implemented, and meets the requirements of SSL 363-d and 18 NYCRR Part 521.  The SSL Certification must be completed using one of the five certification categories listed on the form, specifically:

  1. Annual Certification;
  2. Enrolling Provider Certification;
  3. Revalidating Provider Certification;
  4. Certification After Correcting Insufficiencies Identified in a Compliance Program Review; or
  5. Certification After Receiving Notice of Regulatory Action for Failing to Complete Your Annual Certification.


SSL Certification


Some Medicaid providers may be subject to the federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA) that is codified in 42 USC § 1396a(a)(68). These providers must annually complete what is referred to as the "DRA Certification."


DRA Certification


The SSL Certification and the DRA Certification are separate certifications that require Medicaid providers to certify to different obligations and each establishes different criteria for their respective obligations.  Some providers of Medicaid care, services, or supplies may be required to complete both certifications.

Certifications can only be submitted electronically through the links above.