OMIG Works With New York Business Owners

OMIG works with New York businesses in a number of ways:

  • Webinars: Educational Opportunities for healthcare providers to learn more about how the Medicaid program works, or how OMIG reviews Medicaid providers, payments and services.
  • Procurement Resources: Businesses that want to work with OMIG should click on our procurement section to learn more.
  • Exclusion Checks: Anyone who has been excluded from the Medicaid program cannot provide Medicaid services or be paid with Medicaid dollars. The Exclusion check page allows business owners to check employee names to see if they are on the list.
  • Self Disclosures - When a business owner realizes it has accepted money that it should not have accepted, it is required to disclose what happened and the full amount of the payment that should not have been made. Click on the Self Disclosure link for more information.
Learning More About OMIG
Connecting with OMIG

Health care professionals are on the frontlines in fighting fraud. We want to make sure we keep in touch. Here's some ways you can: