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May 2020
Project Number Provider Name Final Date Provider Type
20-1188 Ms. Jennifer Dyane Allen Physician
20-1191 Dr. Srikanth Reddy Ambati Physician
20-1189 Ms. Maura E. Byrnes-Casey Physician
20-1187 Ms. Angela Lentini-Rivera Physician
20-1190 Dr. Kavitha Ramaswamy Physician
20-2842 Dr. Gregory Emili Physician
20-2858 Dr. Chau la Sunil Kharode Physician
20-2859 Dr. Gabrielle Marie Chassagne Physician
20-2861 Ms. Rosamond Vivian Payne, NP Physician
20-2849 Dr. Marcia Anne Chung Physician
20-2862 Dr. Carolyne Njoke Gichinga Physician
20-2850 Dr. Gaston Fitzgerald Dacosta Physician
19-6924 Ms. Judy Brustein, NP Physician
19-8593 Dr. Anthony Michael Caterina Physician
20-2846 Mr. Henry Van Nguyen, NP Physician
19-6981 Dr. Kira Olugebefola Physician
19-8596 Dr. Arthur Hazarian Physician
20-2844 Ms. Shauna Farrah Roach, NP Physician
20-2847 Dr. Sara Beth Karp Physician
19-8592 Dr. Guillermo Enrique Ramos Dentist
20-2845 Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital SNF/HRF Physician
20-2848 Ms. Elizabeth A. Holleran, NP Physician
20-1186 Dr. Scott A. Weiss Physician
20-1078 Dr. John W. Epling Physician
20-2852 Dr. Michael Joseph Heimerl Physician
20-1079 Dr. Arthur Yegorov Physician
20-2853 Dr. Christopher Charles Mascia Physician
20-1069 Dr. Jeffrey A. Mazlin Physician
April 2020
Project Number Provider Name Final Date Provider Type
20-1080 Dr. Joseph B. Domachowke Physician
19-6976 Dr. Kuan Hung Shen Physician
20-2839 Ms. Melissa L. Reynolds, NP Physician
20-2851 Dr. Ayman Zeidan Attia-Alla Physician
20-1081 Dr. Brent M. Jansen Physician
20-2840 Ms. Kathleen Lynn Mulcahy, NP Physician
20-1076 Dr. Jiri Bern Physician
19-6975 Dr. Ho Ning Leung Physician
20-1082 Dr. Jennifer Rich Physician
20-2843 Dr. Nagaveni Rao Physician
20-1077 Dr. Amy Elaine Sanders Physician
19-6304 Dr. Miles E. Driscoll Physician
19-6308 Dr. Robyn Renee Labarca Physician
19-6306 Dr. Jedan Paul Phillips Physician
20-2838 Ms. Efrat Lamandre, NP Physician
19-2511 Ms. Petsy Ann Elizabeth Smith Physician
19-6307 Dr. Lisa Minerva Rimpel Physician
March 2020
Project Number Provider Name Final Date Provider Type
19-3532 Dr. Farzana Saeed Chaudhary Physician
19-8599 Dr. Pradeep S. Sharma Physician
19-6298 Dr. Roslyn Gail Murov Physician
19-3512 Oneida County DOH Diagnostic and Treatment Center
19-3531 Dr. Anna Gofman Dentist