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September 2021
Project Number Provider Name Final Date Provider Type
21-2553 Dr. Mary V. Green Physician
21-3219 Dr. Christine Alice Kerr Physician
21-3222 Dr. Abraham Li Sheen Young Physician
21-4508 Dr. David Craig Ferris Physician
21-4503 Dr. Russell Joseph Perry Physician
21-2554 Dr. Elizabeth Erin Cassalia Physician
21-3218 Ms. Carol Dutton Gold, NP Physician
21-3220 Ms. Dawn Lisa Lidstone, NP Physician
21-4507 Ms. Faith Heather Blair, NP Physician
21-4504 Dr. Harold Fritz Kerolle Physician
21-4505 Ms. Maria Teresa Timoney, CNW Nurse
21-3217 Dr. Ronald Stephen Dinsmore Physician
21-3221 Dr. Eve Patricia Griffin Physician
21-3560 Ms. Carrie A Ludwig, NP Physician
21-4506 Dr. Richard Bryan Cindrich Physician
21-4502 Dr. Maureen Mary Yunkap Kwankam Physician
21-4501 Dr. Rajya Lakshmi Yalla Physician
17-6593 Dr. Susan Smith Mckinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Multi-Type
21-2546 Dr. Jeffrey Leonard Zitsman Physician
21-2549 Ms. Monica Liamaria Velasco, NP Physician
21-2542 Dr. Ileana Vargas Physician
21-2547 Dr. Julie Khlevner Physician
21-2543 Dr. Bret Taback Physician
21-2544 Dr. June Wu Physician
21-2550 Dr. William Middlesworth Physician
21-2541 Dr. Tracey Dianne ArneII Physician
21-2548 Dr. Vincent Pierre Duron Physician
21-2545 Ms. Eileen Ann Harvey Physician
21-3568 Dr. Juan Carlos De Fex Dentist
21-3562 Dr. Anna Donnelly Physician
21-3561 Ms. Simone Theresa Phillips, NP Physician
21-3212 Dr. Ian Aaron Lentnek Physician
21-3211 Dr. Alla Nirenberg Physician
21-3812 Dr. Samuel Davidoff Physician
21-4021 Dr. Roy Edward Harnett-Robinson Physician
21-4019 Dr. Louella Maria Miranda Physician
21-2557 Dr. Samia Abdullah Tayab Physician
21-4020 Dr. Diane M Gocs Physician
21-2556 Dr. Hosneara Masub Physician
August 2021
Project Number Provider Name Final Date Provider Type
21-3558 Dr. Nina Arlievsky Physician
21-3552 Dr. Vicente R Garcia Physician
21-3559 Dr. Karl Li Physician
21-4026 Dr. Ronald J. M. Jacques Physician
20-7142 Dr. Martine A. Louis Physician
21-1264 Lakeview Health Services, Inc. Home Care Agency
21-3557 Dr. Suzette Theresa Gjonaj Physician
21-3553 Dr. Tanya Eva Pereira Physician
21-3813 Dr. lskandar Ilyas Kassis Physician
20-7141 Dr. Ratilal Talashibhai Patel Physician
21-3554 Dr. Natasha D Bamji Physician