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March 2023
Project Number Provider Name Final Date Provider Type
22-3257 Ms. Koreen Elizabeth Thomas, NP Physician
22-7239 Sprain Brook Manor Nursing Home Multi-Type
22-6548 Schenectady Center a.k.a. Capital Living Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre Multi-Type
22-7238 Sprain Brook Manor Nursing Home Multi-Type
22-3256 Dr. Ecaterina Iriza Physician
22-7259 Taconic Rehabilitation and Nursing at Hopewell a.k.a. Wingate of Dutchess Multi-Type
22-6539 Livingston Hills Nursing & Rehabilitation Center LLC a.k.a. Livingston S&V Operations LLC Multi-Type
22-7733 NYC Health + Hospitals Multi-Type
22-3258 Dr. Adeola Olubunmi Ayodeji Physician
22-7233 NYS Veterans Home at Montrose Multi-Type
22-6553 The Pines at Glens Falls Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation Multi-Type
22-1740 Ms. Cindy M Herberger, NP Physician
22-3280 Dr. Rabeena Fazal Physician
22-1741 Ms. Angela R Ehlinger, NP Physician
22-1742 Ms. Leia Raphaelidis, NP Physician
February 2023
Project Number Provider Name Final Date Provider Type
22-3254 Ms. Yelena Ustoyev, NP Physician
22-3250 Ms. Jennifer Erin Hope, NP Physician
22-3252 Dr. Gaya S Aranoff Physician
22-3255 Dr. Joseph Andrew Picoraro Physician
22-3251 Dr. Alexis D Boneparth Physician
22-3253 Ms. Rosie Tan Te-Frey, NP Physician
22-4594 Dr. Michele Renee Lauria Physician
22-4597 Dr. Molly Elizabeth Moore Physician
22-4598 Ms. Debora Ann Devine, NP Physician
22-4595 Ms. Cheryl June Hayes, NP Physician
22-4593 Dr. Richard William Schifeling Physician
22-4596 Ms. Lisa Marlin, NP Physician
20-3273 Linden Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation aka Alliance Health Operations, LLC Long Term Care Facility
20-3050 Dr. Susan Smith Mckinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Multi-Type
20-1010 The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Utica aka Heritage Operating Associates, LLC Long Term Care Facility
January 2023
Project Number Provider Name Final Date Provider Type
22-4550 Dr. Ismee A Williams Physician
22-4556 Ms. Hilda Ortiz-Morales, NP Physician
22-4590 Dr. Christopher Charles Mascia Physician
22-4559 Dr. Rachel Ariel Berman Physician
22-4551 Dr. Dana Ellen Sanderson Physician
22-4552 Dr. Tina Urpanishvili Physician
22-4555 Dr. Theodora Kay-Njemanze Physician
22-4592 Dr. Mary Beth Lopat-Winter Physician
22-4554 Dr. Mirnova Emmanuelle Ceide Physician
22-4558 Dr. Mitchell Steinschneider Physician
22-4553 Dr. Jose Maunel Wiley Physician
22-4557 Dr. Eleanor Bathory Physician
22-1319 Premier Healthcare Diagnostic and Treatment Center Diagnostic and Treatment Center
21-4273 Pathways, Inc. Home Care Agency
22-1732 Dr. Nashat Safy Atalla Physician
22-1734 Dr. Carolyn Lee Mok Physician
22-1733 Dr. Laurie Jeanne Donohue Physician
22-1739 Dr. Leslie Ella Purnell Physician
22-1735 Dr. Kevin A Fiscella Physician
December 2022
Project Number Provider Name Final Date Provider Type
22-4602 Dr. Keith Chu Physician