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March 2020
Project Number Provider Name Final Date Provider Type
19-6298 Dr. Roslyn Gail Murov Physician
19-3531 Dr. Anna Gofman Dentist
19-6949 Ms. Pauline Johnson, NP Physician
19-3532 Dr. Farzana Saeed Chaudhary Physician
19-8599 Dr. Pradeep S. Sharma Physician
18-8954 New York Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Long Term Care
2019Z64-007Q Briggs Family Pediatrics, PC Physician
2019Z64-028Q Gang Meng, MD Physician
2017Z31-167K Catskill Crossing, LLC Transportation
2019Z01-041L Advanced Radiation Oncology Service Transportation
February 2020
Project Number Provider Name Final Date Provider Type
2017Z73-070W VNA of Albany & Saratoga Home Care
19-5114 Dr. Stephen H. Tomek Physician
19-5115 Dr. David D. Wang Physician
19-6973 Dr. Sandhya S. Nayak Physician
201964-022Q Galina Orenshteyn, MD Physician
2019Z64-012Q Grace Delgado Dimitroff, MD Physician
2019Z64-023Q Robert G. Adler, MD Physician
2019Z64-017Q Summit Pediatrics, PC Physician
18-10814 Downtown Brooklyn Nursing and Rehabilitation Center / aka Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, Inc. Long Term Care
19-8508 Chenango Memorial Hospital, Inc. SNF Hospital
20-1007 Northwoods Rehabilitation and Nursing Center at Moravia Long Term Care
19-8508 Good Shepherd - Fairview Home, Inc. Long Term Care
20-1012 The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Rome / aka Rome Center Rehabilitation and Healthcare Long Term Care
19-8536 Betsy Ross Rehabilitation Center Inc. Long Term Care
19-2540 Dr. Mikhail Torosoff Physician
19-6987 Ms. Katie Elizabeth Scanlon, NP Physician
19-6985 Ms. Grace Ann Digman Physician
19-6988 Dr. Philip Addison Heavner Physician
19-6986 Ms. Shelley Dorritie Physician
19-6989 Ms. Diana Lynn Carpenter Physician
19-2532 Dr. Christa Rose Abraham Physician
19-2539 Ms. M. Brigit Robinson Physician
19-2544 Dr. Sharon B. Samuels Physician
19-6008 Dr. Thomas Charles Farrugia Dentist
19-6287 Dr. Krishnakanthan Sasankan Physician
19-2533 Dr. Deborah liana Light Physician
19-2542 Dr. Paul Clay Sarum Physician
19-2545 Dr. David James Conti Physician
19-6019 Dr. Bertha Dina Bravo Dentist
19-6967 Dr. Jaipaul Ramkelawan Physician
19-2534 Dr. Sulagna Mookherjee Physician
19-2543 Albany Medical College Physician
19-6040 Dr. Allison Ann lmahiyerobo Physician
19-3569 Daybreak Independent Services, Inc. Multi-Type
2018Z12-267L Chapin Home for the Aging Long Term Care
19-6054 Chinatown Dialysis Center, Inc. Diagnostic and Treatment Center
19-6241 Dr. Christian Hietanen Physician
19-6111 Dr. Kimberly Ann Clare Physician
19-6242 Dr. Parvaneh Borojeni Physician
19-6239 Dr. Joseph Paul Calabro Physician