Excluded Provider Check

Providers that commit Medicaid fraud, waste, or abuse may be excluded from participating in the Medicaid program. These providers cannot offer services to Medicaid enrollees or be paid with Medicaid dollars.

Prior to adding new staff members, employers should check to see if prospective employees have been excluded from Medicaid.

Check the status of any exclusion.


Providers who identify Medicaid overpayments are obligated to return those funds.  All overpayments must be reported to OMIG.  For more information and to complete the process, go to Self-Disclosure.

Employers who have received an overpayment of Health Care Worker Bonus (HWB) funds are required to report, return, and explain that overpayment to OMIG. For more information and to complete the HWB self-disclosure process, go to Self-Disclosure of Health Care Worker Bonus Payments.

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